About us

What is Pro-Re-Active?

Pro-Re-Active it’s a Youth Organization deeply rooted in Calabria where it was born and from where their founders come from. In September 2020 nine friends decided to put together their different background and experiences in order to serve a purpose: fostering awareness on sustainability, social inclusion and human rights.

Pro-Re-Active has many partnerships with other associations sharing the same values and principles. Among which: the colombian Dame tu lengua, European Cultural Epicenter from North Macedonia, as well as with the Kenyan Kipepeo Community Empowerment Program. As per local associations, our partners are Re.Co.Sol. and Libera.

We had the chance to participate to some Erasmus+ projects, among which: Boost Yourself! held in Poland and where 8 participants had the possibility to go into deep to the topics of job market and improve their ability to communicate in English; T@ke care! where the topic was education and  contrast to cyber bullying; Be the Change – Make Your Life Sustainable in North Macedonia and Stay Human! which will take place in Molochio, Italy in June 2023.

Pro-Re-Active members are very heterogeneous, having a very diverse composition of backgrounds, experiences and youth activism.

Our staff has many years of experience in the fields of youth and adult mobility and in non-formal education.

Here is a brief description of the board members:

Pasquale Siciliano, president and co-founder of Pro-Re-Active association, graduated in Law and Business Law at University of Messina.
Social innovator, philanthropist, and EU-project manager. He has managed several regional, national and international projects working with companies and associations.
In particular, he contributes to local development helping numerous Calabrian entrepreneurs in their start-up phase to get European fundings.
He has worked as an intern at the office of the Italian Trade Agency in Bucharest, supporting Trade Managers in market researches, consulting companies for internationalization and working in marketing activities.
He is un expert in Project Cycle Management process; start-up business plannning and business models.

Giovanni Franco, vice-president, co-founder. he has graduated in Environmental and Food Economics, specialised in Digital Marketing at SDA Bocconi. Since 2013 he is the coordinator of Erasmus + projects at the PrimOlio association. He has committed over the years to give the opportunity to more than 150 young people, especially Calabrians, to be able to get to know the Erasmus program through active communication and the implementation of various events in the area.
Active since 2014 as trainer and facilitator in KA1 and KA2 projects at national and international level. Specialised in the field of non-formal education and interactive digital education. Furthermore, over the years, he has acquired a great experience in the management and organization of small and large-scale events.
Content Creator, Blogger and Digital Marketing Specialist Freelance since 2016, he deals with communication in a sustainable perspective of companies.

Giuseppe Sorace (Co-founder). Before joining Technogym in Cesena, Italy- where he’s currently group Cost Controller and Finance PMO – he has worked for 5 years at IBM. There, he covered various positions up to Team Leader role in Finance and Planning for the Europe Finance Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia. Expert in management, budgeting and controlling, cost reduction projects and project management. Over the years he has developed great leadership and teamwork skills. He’s graduated from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” where he got a Master’s degree in International Relations.

Moni Barreca, co-founder, psychotherapist expert in group and private therapies, creator of short and long term motivational courses. She is constantly engaged with vulnerable categories.

Giuseppe Bottiglieri, co-founder, graduate in Economics, accountant, financial manager. He helped several start-ups to get European funding contributing to local development. He worked at Bimbo Store in control management, becoming un expert in management and accounting.

Giancarlo Catanea, co-founder, lawyer and expert in euro-planning and management of European projects, public law (Procurement, GDPR, 2319). He worked for 5 years with A.N.A.C., where he monitored over 500 Italian municipalities in the procurement procedures and in the application of the guidelines against corruption in public offices. Currently, he is a consultant to numerous public bodies for the correct application and management of administrative offices.
He has collaborated for several years with the University of Messina in the management and reporting of projects for Horizon 2020 programs.
He is president and founder of Just For Europe Association.

Matilde Orlando, co-founder and activist. Ph.D in Philosophy at University of Messina, she has written numerous articles and academic essays. She currently lives in Bogotá, Colombia, where she iworks as an Italian teacher. She collaborates with a cultural center that promotes the development of the territory through culture and language learning. She is the legal representative of Pro-Re-Active Colombia.

Gennarino Ponte, co-founder, specialist social worker.
He graduated with honors in Political Sciences in 2013, in Public Administration in 2015 and in Political and Social Services Sciences in 2018. He also attended a postgraduate course in Public Contracts in 2016.
In 2019 he was deemed suitable for attending the PhD in “Politics, Culture, and Development”. He recently earned a Masters in Law and Economics. He supports the drafting of projects concerning accessibility and sustainable mobility.

Rosa Gullace, co-founder and tutor. PhD in Life Science. She currently works as a Science teacher. She is active in school support projects in the Roman territory. She worked as an F2F fundraiser in the non-profit sector for Theleton Fundation.

Our goals

  1. We promote quality education that is current and appropriate to the challenges we are experiencing, capable of training young leaders, capable of operating in any situation and context;
  2. We promote circular economy practices, respect for the environment, principles of solidarity and peace among people through international volunteering and European programs;
  3. We promote international cooperation and development through training and volunteering programmes based on the principles of sustainability and social innovation;
  4. We promote the digitalization of institutions and organizations finding more functional models;
  5. We promote the social inclusion of people who has difficulties in entering the world of work, especially the weakest and most vulnerable categories;
  6. We support people entering the world of work improving their self-esteem and expectations for the future, with the aim to improve their quality of life and reduce marginalization, hunger and poverty;
  7. We create psychological paths to strengthen self-esteem and problem solving ability through practices of self-awareness that positively affect the psyche and increase well-being.