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We offer the opportunity to live an experience abroad, through various programs, such as international volunteering, Erasmus + programs which include study visits, research opportunities, youth exchanges, etc., and the European Solidarity Corps, thanks to reliable and selected partners.

International volunteering: why leaving?

International volunteering is:

1. a unique experience;

2. a great act of solidarity;

3. expanding your perspectives encountering new people from around the world;

4. developing new skills;

5. learning a new language;

6. international environment.

International volunteering is equated by the EU to a work experience, which can be integrated into your CV.

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Erasmus + : which opportunities?

The Erasmus program allows you to visit, train, live, do internships or work in another country of the European Union, almost free of charge, thanks to the grants provided by the program. You can choose whether to be hosted by other international organizations adhent to the program, or by universities, companies and research bodies. Our association presents different proposals every year: learn more about our call for applications and projects.

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European Solidarity Corps

Are you between 18 and 30 years old and are you looking for an opportunity to gain experience abroad, helping the community in Europe and worldwide? You can choose the European Solidarity Corps which help young people to participate in projects that benefit communities, whether abroad or in their own country. These projects offer you a stimulating experience that will make you grow, as well as the opportunity for cultural exchanges, while developing your skills and competences.

What is it about?

In general, you can:

1. volunteer

2. follow internships

3. participate in work activities

4. participate in local solidarity projects

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