The KA2 project “Escape to Wellness” is starting!

The project is funded by the Irish National Agency involving countries from Ireland, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, and Poland.

It aims to collect data on the mental health of young people in the post-pandemic and war scenarios in Ukraine and create tools to offer valuable resources in difficult moments.

The specific objective is to create a software application through the utilization of a holistic approach involving various sectors such as Mindfulness, Digital Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, Human Rights, Art, and Mental Health, that can help improve the mental health of young people.

Pro-Re-Active is a partner together with the Futura Cooperative of Maropati, led by Lorenzo Sibio and represented, during the project by Mr. John B. Curcio, who is a leading expert in the Spivak rehabilitation method. At the regional level, the Calabrian League of Cooperatives will also be involved.

The cooperative has been an expert in mental health treatment for decades and is a point of reference in Calabria for many patients with psychiatric problems.

At the official launch, all the respective organizations attended the meeting together with the Irish National Agency.

The Pro-Re-Active President Pasquale Siciliano indicated: “We are happy to have had this opportunity. Mental health is a long-neglected topic that continues to be placed in the backlight and is apparently talked about in a limited way. Mental health obviously affects both the mind and body which can compromise the quality of life if neglected. It is a part of a sustainable development goal and should be considered of equal, if not greater importance by our health and work sites”.

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